Plastic Waste ā€“ Import and Export

Import and Export of Plastic Waste by the Netherlands and other EU-27 countries from 2006 to 2021

Observations based on the EU COMEXT trade database – Januari 2023

We all have ample discussions and opinions about plastic and even more about export of plastic waste. Especially when it concerns export of this waste to countries outside Europe.

Being curious and fact based, our data analytics services built an internal information dashboard with EU plastic waste trade data. To support your discussion and confirm – or contradict šŸ˜Š – your opinions, in this paper we share some of the interesting observations based on this dashboard. As we are based in the Netherlands, with extra focus on how our trade figures looks like.

This certainly not as a complete overview or end point, more something to take you further. Good luck and fun with all the discussions, and if you are inspired, have interesting information yourself, or are looking for, let us know at

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click button to download paper